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Soapstone provides exceptional beauty and is unaffected by heat and things that stain other materials.

It is a common misconception to expect soapstone to be soft like soap. While it is considered a soft rock due to being comprised mostly of talc, it has many advantageous features to consider. If you have a client looking for countertops that are non-porous, resistant to acids and alkalis, non-absorbent, and have a high specific heat capacity, you might find that soapstone is an ideal option to offer them.

Soapstone in Morrisville, North Carolina

At Rock Point Granite & Marble, we have experience with choosing the best type of soapstone for countertops. There are varying levels of grain size found in soapstone, with some very fine and ideal for making carvings and others that are larger grain and thus hard enough for countertops. If one were to be concerned about the durability of soapstone, consider that the statue, “Christ the Redeemer,” that overlooks the city of Rio de Janeiro was constructed of soapstone-faced concrete. Soapstone comes in several color shades.

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